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Marriage is a really big deal.  But it doesn’t mean we can’t be creative about how we do it.
To me, a great wedding ceremony should be a celebration.  It should be happy and engaging, suiting you and your style.

Meet Matt

I’ve been marrying incredible people for over a decade now, I’ve seen so much and am well prepared for surprises. I’ll keep you calm so you can actually enjoy it and soak it all in, make it through your vows without losing it, make sure your photographer gets the best pics, making magic moments you’ll always remember.

People worry their celebrant will be awkward or cheesy.  My easy way to avoid that is to use content which comes directly from you.

I have tricky ways of extracting all your juicy details so that the jokes and stories are yours. Making it feel genuine and real. Additionally, before the wedding, you get to read and edit your ceremony script however you wish.

You may not have had the need to book a celebrant before, so it can feel daunting, but it’s actually a breeze. Get in touch and we can arrange a time to chat it out and put you at ease.


Your ceremony should be personalised the entire way, so your guests are always entertained and either chuckling or tearing up, (hopefully both), setting the tone you want for the rest of the day.

Let's Chat

Let’s have a relaxed chat to make sure we gel well.


With precision we’ll knock over the legal paperwork.


Share your stories so I can write an extra personalised ceremony script.


I’ll help you write wedding vows which actually suit you.


On the big day, I’ll be there to ease your nerves and guide you through your super personalised ceremony with beaming smiles all ‘round.


I’ll officially lodge your marriage with the government that same day. That’s fast!

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Modern-day celebrant

I’m passionate about getting to know people and their story.  A wedding is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and as your celebrant, I’d be honoured to be part of that story.  I look forward to meeting you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many suits do you have?

Haha, it’s true, I am running out of space to hang them all, but I love to be able to match in with your ‘vibe’ on the day, so don’t be shy to request a look or a colour or a style. I probably have the suit, tie and pocket square to make it happen.

What kind of ceremonies do you do? And where?

You name it!

You might want a wedding worthy of Vogue Magazine with all the bells and whistles, I can help you make it work. 

Or you might want to be super chill and marry at your fave restaurant, sipping on a negroni, with only your besties. I can make it happen. 

On a bushwalk, under a waterfall, even scuba diving in Melbourne’s shark tank, we can do it!

And if you feel like paying for my flights and maybe a night or two of accom, I’ll go pretty much anywhere. (I do love a tropical island. Hint hint.)

I can legally marry you in Australia or the US of A. Otherwise, I can do the legalities here on Aussie soil and then hold your friends and family ceremony on pretty much any country on the planet, so feel free to get creative!!

I can do legal weddings or non-legal ceremonies, or some people like to do both on different days. Totally up to you.

What kind of people will you marry?

The simple answer: Good people.
I’m all about equality, so as long as you’re a good human, I would love to be involved in your wedding. 

I don’t care what race or age or religion you might be.  I don’t care if you’re part of the LGBTIQA+ gang (like me).  Whatever you might consider yourself to be, I like to think I can help you create a ceremony that suits you and makes you feel comfy and happy.

How long is a ceremony?

I’ll be guided by you and what you want to include, but I recommend 25 to 30 minutes is a sweet spot.

People need to hear and feel something so we can’t be too quick, but with attention spans waning, no one wants a super long ceremony either. 

I feel that a good ceremony has a few giggles, maybe a few ‘wet eyes’ and full attention from engrossed guests.  

As long as we have relevant content, some feeling and maybe some fun, then 25-30 mins works a treat!

Do we need to sign the legal docs during the ceremony?

Nope, you do not!
It’s becoming a trend to sign your legal documents about 10-15 minutes after the ceremony. We can gather you and your 2 legal witnesses, your photographer and videographer, have the bar person pour your fave beverage and sign your documents wherever is convenient, feeling relaxed.

Some people feel that to stop and sign documents during a ceremony can kill the mood somewhat. Without that gap, we can continue to your finale on a high!

*Although, if you have two people who you would like to pay a special public tribute to, asking them to be your witnesses during a ceremony can be a beautiful (and easy) way to do it. This can be a perfect way to shine some warm light on your Mum, a mentor, grandparents, anyone cherished. (especially if they bought a new outfit they want to show off).

How much ‘God Talk’ do we need to include?

Absolutely ZERO!   I am required to take you through this beautiful process guided only by law and love and happiness. 

You are more than welcome to add a touch or two of whichever faith you may follow, but there is zero pressure from me to do so. I am more concerned with making your ceremony personal: all about you and your story.

Ceremony Tunes

I encourage you to find the perfect tunes to help reach that ceremony ‘vibe’ you are after.
Maybe you’d like to hear some songs on Spotify which my other couples have used:
(The most recently used tunes are at the bottom!)

Aisle Songs

Signing Songs

Exit Songs


Your ceremony can be lively and hilarious.  It can be sincere and sophisticated.  It can be a mix of all sorts.
(The mixes usually work best if you ask me). 
Totally up to you.

Matt’s Journal

Make your day one to remember

Make your day one to remember

Having witnessed many hundreds of “knots being tied” over his 10 years as a Celebrant, Melbourne Celebrant Matt Finch has absorbed all kinds of tips and tricks for making your day one to remember - for all the right reasons.Matt shares with us an eclectic mix of tips...

10 Top Tips for the Best Wedding Day Ever!

10 Top Tips for the Best Wedding Day Ever!

Being a celebrant for about a decade now, witnessing all those knots being tied tight, I have absorbed all kinds of tips and tricks for making your day one to remember - for all the right reasons. Here's an eclectic mix of hints to keep that smile on your...

Happy Couples

Matt! We could not have done it without you! You facilitated the most beautiful ceremony ever. Our family and friends are still in awe of the story you told and the ceremony you helped us to create. John and I are forever grateful and so lucky to have had all of your support and guidance through this process.
Your are a true expert of your craft!

Sarah & John

Matt was incredibly detailed, organised, observant of our personalities and style and a pleasure to work with in the lead up to our wedding and on the day. He fitted in seamlessly with all the proceedings, not making a spectacle out of the ceremony, but still inserting a little bit of his flare and humour in there. We couldn’t recommend him more – well worth it!

Melani & Ryan

Matt was simply fantastic. His ability to be flexible and accommodating. To inject our ceremony with warmth and a sense of calm – especially during a restrictive, lockdown period. And finally to preside over our ceremony in a way as to make it a day to remember… it was brilliant.  Thank you Matt. We’ll never forget how essential you were to our wedding.

Rahul & Nikita

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Marriage celebrant based in Melbourne, Australia.