Being a celebrant for about a decade now, witnessing all those knots being tied tight, I have absorbed all kinds of tips and tricks for making your day one to remember – for all the right reasons.

Here’s an eclectic mix of hints to keep that smile on your dial, your 10 Top Tips for the Best Wedding Day Ever:

1. Write Personal Vows

Don’t Google. Don’t be generic. Say those specific, particular words that you know your partner would love to hear. Deliver genuine compliments. Make real life promises.

Harmless humour can be a great addition to your vows, but add it in the middle. Start and finish sincerely. Vows

2. Buy a Tailored Suit. Buy that Perfect Dress.

Oscar Hunt Tailors Wedding Suit Experience

The Oscar Hunt Tailors Wedding Suit Experience

When it fits just right, it will make you feel special on the day, a day you will look back on time and time again. @OscarHuntTailors @marianahardwick

Do not wear a clip-on bow tie. Buy the real thing. Watch a YouTube video to show you how to tie it just right, remembering the rule: ‘A perfect bow tie, is a non-perfect bow tie’. Here’s my fave YouTube tutorial
Ps. Wearing your untied bow tie draped around your neck at the end of the night is fun.

3. Photos Before

Having photographs taken together beforehand is a great way to ease your nerves, allowing you to be more present in your ceremony, meaning you’ll enjoy it so much more.

A good photographer can create a romantic ‘first look’ so you don’t miss out on that wonderful moment.
@coreywrightphotographer @michaelbriggsphotography

4. Feed the People

Fat and Skinny Catering serving Aperol Spritz at Glasshaus Richmond

Fat and Skinny Catering serving Aperol Spritz at Glasshaus Richmond. Pic taken by Anna Taylor.

Provide a drink or nibble upon arrival. A happy surprise which your guests will thank you for. @fatandskinnycatering

5. Traditions?

There’s nothing stopping you from taking the essence of a tradition and doing it in a modern way. Include the elements that make sense to you. Do it your way. Make it personal and relevant to who you both are.

For example; Anyone can walk down the aisle/s. In any combination, any order, any outfit. Choose whoever makes sense to you. There could be tears & emotion, there could be raucous applause and laughter. It’s up to you.

6. No Snoozefest

Like This Band creating the vibes at Stones of the Yarra Valley

Like This Band creating the vibes at Stones of the Yarra Valley

Don’t lose guests’ attention with boring readings. If people speak, have them talk about you! Far more fun, interesting and relevant. 1-2 minutes is plenty.

A live, talented musician will bring more atmosphere to your ceremony than recorded music.

Include your favourites in your ceremony: hobbies, colours, people, languages, pets, quotes, music, teams anything! The more ‘you’ it is, the better for everyone.

Do your guests speak other languages? Just adding one simple line can delight!

Include more special people by varying who assists with roles like ring bearers, speakers or witnesses.

At your reception, a great DJ or band will always be better at filling your dance floor than any playlist on your phone. @LikeThisBand

7. Woof!

If you would like to involve your precious pooch, hire a professional dog-minder.

8. Timing

You don’t have to sign your legal documents during your ceremony. Signing shortly after is an easy way to reduce your ceremony time if you wish.

Enjoy reception speeches early! This also goes for cake cutting and dances. People will appreciate more time to relax. Allocate each speaker a short time limit.

9. Remember

Don’t forget to thank your partner when you make your speech! (It happens way more than you would think.) Give them an amazing compliment that you know they will want to hear.

10. Let it go. Relax and Enjoy

Whilst you do your very best to plan every single detail, on the day, you need to let go. Allow it to evolve. There is bound to be something that won’t go perfectly, and that is ok. It’s normal.

Ignore any negatives. Make the choice to focus on the positives.

Your day will fly by in the blink of an eye, so appreciate and enjoy all the amazing things that are happening.

Oh, and of course, don’t forget the most important thing!
The person you literally cannot get married without!!!
Your Celebrant.
So here’s my biggest tip; book this guy: @mattfinchcelebrant 😉

ps. No one is paying me to mention them here! I just think they’re ace.

Matt Finch Celebrant at Wedding Venue Coombe Yarra Valley. Shot thanks to Corey Wright Photographer

Matt Finch Celebrant at Wedding Venue Coombe Yarra Valley. Shot thanks to Corey Wright Photographer